About Us

S©ott Treimel NY is a full-service "boutique" (small) agency representing the intellectual property rights in the work of authors and illustrators of books for children and teens, only. STNY's client list includes well-known talent and novice creators we believe can sustain long-term careers.  We are especially proud of the original talent we discovered and the careers we launched. 
We are members of the Association of Authors Representatives, the Authors Guild, and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. We adhere to the principle that our clients' interest is always paramount. Our chief responsibility is to maximize the value of our clients' work and protect their fiduciary interests.  What we do is maneuver our clients' careers within the context of the quickly shifting book market. Here is how we do it.

  • From the beginning (before it was imperative), STNY provided hands-on editorial expertise to refine concepts, fine-tune projects, and pre-wash manuscripts. We want to present editors with the very best work. Scott Treimel's long tenure in New York-centric children's publishing means we can target projects to the right editor(s) and the right publishing house(s)— those best able to push our authors and illustrators and projects and properties to fulfill their promise. 

  • STNY negotiates deal terms with care and negotiates the most protective and advantageous contracts in the business (if we do say so, ourselves). We oversee all phases of the editorial and publishing process and confirm the accuracy of royalty statements, where mistakes are common enough. We administer the detailed terms of publishing contracts, monitoring how a publisher performs its responsibilities. We might offer marketing advice and random support, although we are not in the business of public relations.

  • Finally, STNY exploits the subsidiary rights— film, foreign, electronic, commercial branding, audio, dramatic, promotion, and serial— in our clients' work, either directly or in association with our network of sub-agents, giving STNY properties a worldwide presence.

Check our blog for our job histories, recent and upcoming titles, and assorted thoughts, lightly delivered. Also our Silly Songs, a ditty-making incidental feature.